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Guaranteed Rent

Rosebank Propeties specialises in rent warranty which is excellent if you are a property owner considering a settled monthly revenue with no voids in settlement or void spans. We can assure rental for estates in London and neighbouring counties.

Our teams are a favoured supplier for many local jurisdictions meaning we attain rental warranty from one to five years for houses of all sizes. We can confirm to guaranteed rental leases for studios alongside separate family systems to HMO or Houses of multiple occupancies, sections of flats and others

Why choose Rosebank Properties for Guaranteed Rent Solutions?

  • Our teams can lease the assets from one to five years
  • You get no void spans
  • Our team will handle each maintenance costs during the time of this lease for no extra fees for the owner
  • You are capable of viewing your annual profits from the first day
  • Receive almost three months’ rental offered beforehand
  • Receive rentals even when the buildings are vacant
  • Zero percent management
  • Forget setting up costs, monthly commissions and hidden extra amounts
  • Our team can handle each doubt and complaints of any renter
  • A totally-managed assets service in connection with the contract
  • Assets evaluated at least on a quarterly time
  • Assets are comprehensively insured
  • Assets returned in the original condition as offered 
  • Stress-free life

How do we do it?

Our team chooses to convert into your tenant after acknowledging a rental amount with you, this in response is ensuring you a settled rental revenue even when the buildings are vacant, or the renter resolves to avoid rentals. Since our team is now the renter this agreement shall assure you the monthly rental, we then sub-let the estate, after inviting the legitimate renters whom our team trusts.

The company will opt to manage the AST or Assured Short-hold Tenancy agreement. When the chosen renter stops the rentals, chooses to evacuate the building with no intimation, ruin the assets or urge us to choose the removal order to expel them our team shall take the monetary burden not you.

Not only do we handle with the letting part of your assets, but you’ll also not at all suffer from the tension of a misplaced settlement or fees, legal expenses, or renters leaving the building with outstanding rental payments. 

Guaranteed Rental payment is accurately what it states; it also does not matter when the assets are staying vacant, our team assures the acknowledged rent is handled each month and may likewise be capable of providing up to three months’ rental payment in beforehand. 

We are a committed, competent estate and assets management company. Our team is available for you and the renters 24 hours every day for the entire length of the year; hence, you can forget about uncertainty about unwanted stuff. We use on-the-job methods, and that gives you accurate maintenance of all your assets which in turn grants absolute stress-free life.

Private Tenant£1500£1500£1500£1500£1500VOID£1500£1500£1500£1500£1500VOID£15000
Guaranteed Rent£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£1300£15600