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Landlords Guide

Solely Lettings Work

  • Marketing each of your estates or building assets
  • You get a satisfactory renter 
  • Gather the proper number of references for the tenants
  • Settling the limitations and rules in the tenancy terms between the proposed renter (tenant) and the property owner (landlord)

Our team shall compile the opening funds, the safety deposit and rental, draw up the agreement of tenancy form and organise the record.

Lettings and Management Service

The process incorporates every tasks and support mentioned in the previous paragraph. Apart from those, our team can complete the following tasks:

  • From the rental earned, the revenues, when directed, other external fees like the ground rental fees alongside service costs. 
  • Handle the preservation of the buildings or plots each day which also includes certain small modification tasks.
  • Complete any check-ups of the land.

Guaranteeing Rental Payments and Absolutely No Managing Work

This includes all kinds of services that are listed in the Management and Lettings Service, including:

  • Agreeing to a guaranteed, fixed and monthly rental income from day one whether it is an occupied or vacant property
  • Arranging perfect and most suited tenants to rent the property
  • Making sure that the assets are preserved properly with all processes for the span of the lease. Plus, we will also give the properties to the owner in the original quality

Tenancy Deal

Our sophisticated staff for lettings services can urge property owners about the distinctive categories of occupancy and the legal prospects of a regular tenancy deal.


A deposit which is generally the sum of four weeks rental payment is received from the renter beforehand during the beginning of one tenancy. The step can cover breakages, misplacing components and any harm over and beyond natural weatherings of any elements. 

Our team will now maintain this deposit throughout the tenancy’s course since the team is a stakeholder. And, we will reimburse it to the renter subtracting each applicable deduction, when it is time for the tenancy to end. Each deposit collected through the Assured Shorthold Tenancy is maintained according to the terms and conditions in the Tenant Deposit Program.


Our teams search for proper references for every prospective tenant.


We will direct an autonomous inventory group to create a new inventory, organise a checking-in of the tenant during the beginning stages of the tenancy alongside the checking-out in the tenant-vacating time. The property owner offers the cash expenses for the creation of this inventory form along with the checking-in, and the renter offers cash for the checking-out that is subtracted from any previous deposits. It would help if you had the right inventory, this inventory helps you to claim some cash from the deposits after any damage, breakage and loss of an item.


Income tax is due upon the rent revenues emerging from any assets within the United Kingdom. A property owner has to reveal their revenue when finishing their year-end tax return. The property of non-residential owners must apply to the HM Customs and Revenue for an exception certificate for our team to complete any expenses of rental payment minus withholding any opposing probable tax dues. More knowledge can be gained if you contact any team member in our office and also if you visit an HMRC.


The landlord’ has the duty of ensuring their estate and all of its parts at the time of the tenancy. Every landlord must every time update their guarantors that the estate is to set for letting since that data can influence its fee and the cover. Substances insurance for assets that are underletting is attainable from professional insurers. Leaseholds properties sometimes incorporate the insurance of the buildings along with any service fees, yet, our team will suggest every landlord verify with the exclusive property owner or the freeholder and any block managing enterprise.

The Fire and Furnishings Fire Safety regulations 1988 alongside Fire Safety Amendments 1993 regulations!

This legislation specifies that it is a breach to equip any asset which is underletting with household items along with accessories that are not compliant with these orders.

The gas safety Installation Use Regulations 1994 & as amended 1998

The landlord must preserve the gas devices if any at an estate. It is also a prerequisite that a security check is driven beforehand to any tenancy and each year after that as much time the asset is under the letting scheme. Our team shall offer the asset for letting unless the team receives the copy of the present property owner’s Gas Safety Record. A photocopy of this record must remain within the asset, too.


Every decoration work must be completed before marketing since our team advises you that your assets must be given to the renters in great quality. Our team also wants to offer another task; the teams will support property owners whenever needed. Kindly, reach out to any staff in letting’s division for more knowledge about the decorations.