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Rosebank Properties is an autonomous sales and Lettings agency in Walthamstow, London. We pioneer in qualified property handling services with assured rent, at all times. Our Estate Agents in Walthamstow, London manage properties throughout London and neighbouring divisions for private landlords and firms, overseas shareholders, and regional executives.

Our firm is honoured to handle overall realty structure, round-the-clock, which includes renting properties, upkeeping, refurbishments, and expansion. We also handle marketing and managing tenants for the entire period of their tenancies. The company unduly strives to exceed all positive predictions. Our immediate target is to see that our clients don’t have to oversee anything.

Rosebank Mortgage Brokers

Our firm is proud that we have handled the complete year periods of renting properties from upkeeping, refurbishments, and expansion. We also handle marketing and managing tenants for the entire period of their tenancies. We are unduly striving to exceed all positive predictions. Our primary target is to see that our clients don’t have to manage a thing.

Our Services

Property Management

  • No Hidden Costs
  • Quarterly Check-ups
  • 24/7 Home Recovery Cover
  • Exclusive Supervision & Compliance
  • Professional Legal Advice

Guaranteed Rent

  • Advance Rental up to 3 Month
  • Defined Contracts up to 5 Years
  • Contracts of Regional Jurisdiction
  • No-Void Property Periods
  • Maintenance & Care – FOC


  • Passionate & Qualified Agents
  • Specialized Photography
  • Free EPCs & Floor Plans
  • Barclay’s Mortgage Partnership
  • Economically Scrutinised Buyers


  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Competitive & Exceptional Prices
  • Track Record that Boosts Value
  • Our In-House Sales & Service Team
  • Absolute Expansions & Refurbishments

Property Management

Transfer Your Property Burdens to Us!

Rosebank Properties grants an all-inclusive administration service that relies on loyalty, practice, and high performance. Our firm is remarkably on-job practical using the unique paths to assuring your properties are properly monitored. The company shall always aim to exceed all your positive goals.

If you hand over your property to us, we will drive forceful check-ups once in four months, plus we will mail you the improvement summary alongside photographs of the assets. The best part about our job is that since we have years of experience, we have the knack to complete all tasks quickly. Years of dealing with problematic tenants and neighbours have developed our rent retrieval system to the maximum. No more fights, arguments, threats, danger to lives, accidents, or theft. All you get from us are peaceful nights and prompt rents.

Our team members are passionate about the clients. We speak with them and take away unwanted fears in their minds. The team has painstakingly looked into every issue of each client and assured them consistently through proper communication.

Rosebank Mortgage Brokers

Guaranteed Rent

Transform your property & maximise your income

Rosebank Properties is committed to providing top-notch guaranteed rent management services. Cashless or rent less time is a worrying issue to many property owners in London since there is huge depravity in the regular earning that was present. While renters keep shifting their residences then owners lose that safety blanket of regular income. That is where we as a team enter the picture. Whenever you do not receive any rent from the renters our system helps you receive cash consistently.

We have this unique feature of paying homeowners even if they do not have renters. This way you receive timely income just like when things were good for your property. Thus, no more do you need to worry about cashless rent fewer spells. They won’t last after you give us a call. Smile each day for now you will get cash each month no matter what the external surroundings are.

Dedicated Property Manager

Currently managing Properties all over London

Accommodating families all over London

100% Landlord Satisfaction

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    Rosebank Properties
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    IPS DhinjanIPS Dhinjan
    11:56 12 Jul 22
    Rosebank Properties have been extremely good from first contact to ongoing support. Keeping me informed at all stages and giving regular updates on the progress of my rental property.Anita has been very supportive & informative. Would highly recommend them for excellent customer service all around.
    Sherwyn BarrettoSherwyn Barretto
    11:45 12 Jul 22
    My experience with Rosebank Properties was of an agency that cares deeply about customer experience. It was by far the best experience. Anita Singh( letting Maneger) & Mo( Company Director ) couldn't have been more helpful ! They ware very efficient, as well as when i had a query that needed dealing with, they sorted it out very promptly, and called me back to advise that it had been dealt with. Would certainly recommend Anita Singh if you're looking for a new place to call home. Lastly would like to thank Rosebank Properties for their excellence & professionalism.
    B BB B
    15:39 08 Jul 22
    Big thanks to Rosebank Properties for going the extra mile in helping me to achieve my goal owning my Property. I reallly appreciate your attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready to smile made the experience even better than I expected. Thank you so much.
    georgiana patracutageorgiana patracuta
    11:19 18 Jun 22
    I have been looking for a flat for only one month, Amar has assisted me for the first part dealing with references and all the documents , he has been very professional and handled with care my little moments of stress, I am very grateful for all the help, at the end signing contracts and paying rent Anita has helped also in a very professional way, very nice lady ensuring everything works out for every site , tenants and landlords. I am very grateful for the help I received from both, rosebank properties has a great team ready to help in the most professional way. DEFENETLY RECOMMENDED.
    11:44 04 Jan 22
    I had been looking for a property for over 8 months through my local council with no joy, once I came across Rosebank Anita picked up my case and was so helpful.She would go above and beyond to make sure that all viewings I went on were suitable for myself and my two young children. We worked closely for about 3 months and then through all the hard work and dedication Anita had committed to helping me I found the perfect property and have been housed in a beautiful property.Anita and Mo also made it very easy for me as they helped to liaison with my council to get me in the property as quickly as possible.Can’t thank them both enough for all the hard work and always keeping me informed along the way making sure I always knew what was going on.Would recommend them to anyone who is looking to find or let a property!Thank you